“Our company goal is to create the perfect customer experience”

Removal of old roof and replacement roofs with new roof shingle being applied home roof construction site all new materials.

Who is DinoRoof a good fit for?

Our goal is to improve the buyer experience and sometimes that means referring people to our competition. We aren’t the best fit for everyone, but we will give you all the tools you need to make the best decision for you!

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Double the Protection

DinoRoof is a certified installer that offers upgraded and extended system warranties through GAF, BUT we don’t hide behind them. We take full responsibility for our work and personally guarantee our work whether the manufacturer will cover it or not.



5-year - workmanship, wear and tear, material defects, or underperforming accessories

shield plus

DinoDefender Plus

15-year - workmanship, wear and tear, material defects. Or underperforming accessories

shield max

DinoDefender Max

Lifetime for any reason warranty - includes storm damage - if your insurance won’t fix it, we will

Reimagining the customer experience

DinoRoof is committed to creating the best customer experience possible

  • Constant communication - We believe in over communicating through the whole process and if you have to ask us we didn’t do our job. DinoRoof has a dedicated office staff available to you throughout the entire process to answer any questions or address any concerns regarding your project.
  • Information driven company - Homeowners want to do their own research and buy at their own pace. We are here to facilitate that process through educating homeowners with real, unbiased articles on the products and services they are looking for. If we see we aren’t the right fit for your situation we will refer you to someone else we trust that better fits your goals

The DinoRoof Process

1) Contact, 2) Inspection, 3) Choose DinoRoof, 4) Production, 5) Quality Control, 6) Commitment

  • The DinoRoof Process is a unique, highly developed group of systems and processes that ensure a great experience for everyone involved from start, to finish, and beyond.
  • Dedicated contact for each step in the process and a full-service repair/warranty department if anything ever happens.
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