Insurance Restoration

When disaster strikes and things are at their worst, we are at our best. Midwest handles everything from start to finish and gets the property restored quickly.







Full inspection and report

Not all roofs need to be replaced and not all roofs can be repaired. You need a trained professional that knows the difference. Midwest will perform a thorough inspection of your roof and all surrounding and attached structures. We provide a detailed report summarizing our findings, and then offer a detailed solution for your specific situation.

Storm cleanup and recovery to pre-storm condition

The goal of the insured is to be restored to pre-storm condition, and Midwest is an expert at doing just that. Midwest takes care of every aspect of your insurance claim, whether it is a small repair from a tree branch or a multi-million-dollar disaster.

Work with the insurance company

Insurance claims are very complicated, and it is important to have professional that knows how to work WITH insurance companies. Midwest uses the same estimating program as all major insurers and speaks their language to agree on a proper scope of work.

collapsed roof of a old house, wooden roof with tiles collapsed.

Best warranty in the industry

Midwest offers the best warranty in the industry, period. We personally warranty all replacements for 10 years and all repairs for 5 years. We do not hide behind manufacturer product warranties or “craftsmanship warranties.” Midwest guarantees the roof, and we put that on paper.

Service agreements that work for you

If it is not on paper, do not expect to get it. Midwest provides you with a detailed breakdown of everything that will be done to and installed on your project. We also provide you with a step-by-step process that we follow from start to finish on the project.