Family business

Roofing has been in the family since 1969 when Edwin Lauts ventured out on his own to start Lauts Components, a company that designed prefabricated roofing systems for residential and commercial projects. His commitment to earning his customer’s trust has been preserved through the generations. Edwin’s son, Dave Lauts, carried on the tradition through his carpentry and custom-building business. Mark, Dave’s son, wanted to expand on his family’s tradition of “earning it,” and service customers throughout the Midwest. Midwest Roofing and Restoration (formerly Lauts Exteriors) was created to provide exceptional customer service to customers all-throughout the Midwest.

We earn it

No gimmicks, no slick marketing, no platitudes. We don’t want anyone to just take our word for it, we want to EARN IT. Midwest doesn’t believe in marketing their way to success, we believe in proving ourselves to our customers on a daily basis through our commitment to quality, our customer service, and standing by our work with our best in the industry warranty.


Customer Focus

Our business is designed around you, our valued customer. We have streamlined every aspect of our business to make the entire process as easy and satisfying as possible.

Trained crews and quality work

We take pride in our work. All crew members are trained extensively in proper installation methods, and all crews are under the supervision of a trained and certified quality control inspector.